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Adult Studio Apartments

Charleston Road Apartments - 38 minutes by bus to the school 

The Charleston Road Apartments are located in Ranelagh, a lively area to the south of the city centre which is very popular with students and professionals. 

The accommodation is located in a large 19th century house which has been converted into fully furnished modern apartments. It offers a mix of single, twin and double occupancy apartments, all having their own private bathroom, kitchen and comfortable living area. The single occupancy apartments are studios, with the bedroom and living area combined. There is a lovely garden at the back of the house and car-parking and bicycle parking is also available.

Apartment Type Fee per person per week 2017
Studio / Single Occupancy Apartment

€275 per week, September - June

€295 per week, July and August

Double / Twin room (two students travelling together)

€210 per person travelling together per week, September - June

€230 per person travelling together per week, July and August

Accommodation booking fee


Arrival / departure dates

Sundays only 

Additional night not possible

Accommodation booking fee €65 - Applies to all accommodation booked with International House Dublin