Level Test 5

This is where we go our separate ways. You have not passed the test and cannot go to the next level :(
You got 0 correct answers out of 18, and needed at least 15.

Your English level is approximately C1

But remember that in life you never stop learning, so practice your English and come back to the test when you feel more comfortable!

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And here are the correct answers:/

1. If I were you , I wouldn't do that. 2. This time next week, I ’ll be lying on the beach in Cancun.
3. By this time next month, we will have been living here for ten years.
4. We had made a reservation, but the driver told us we needn’t have done so because there were always plenty of seats.
5. When she was a child, she used to live in California.
6. What did you say your name is/was again?
7. Red, which is my favorite color, is a primary color.
8. If I ‘d known his father had passed away, I wouldn’t have asked about him.
9. I remember when my grandfather would/used to sit on the porch and smoke his pipe.
10. I wish I had more money in my bank account right now.
11. They were starving because they had been working hard all day.
12. If you don’t get rid of that junk, I will.
13. If you hadn’t spent all your money last night, you would still have some left.
14. We need to make up a name for our new company.
15. By the year 2050, scientists will have found the cure for cancer.
16. “I can speak English perfectly,” said Jose. Jose said he can speak English perfectly/Jose said he could speak English perfectly.

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