Level Test 4

This is where we go our separate ways. You have not passed the test and cannot go to the next level :(
You got 0 correct answers out of 17, and needed at least 15.

Your English level is approximately B2

But remember that in life you never stop learning, so practice your English and come back to the test when you feel more comfortable!

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And here are the correct answers:

1. You didn’t actually say that to her, did you?!
2. I’m exhausted because I ’ve been working hard all week.
3. a: Where’s Mr. Smith?
b: I don’t know. He might be in his office. He was there earlier.

4. We had already learned German when we moved to Germany.

5. a: What does he look like
b: He’s tall and blond.
6. That can’t be Harry! He’s gone to live in New Zealand!
7. So far I ’ve answered an incredible amount of emails this morning.
8. He ’s lived in Texas all his life.
9. Work at the office was horrible today. (It’s 10:00pm)
10. Virginia was founded in 1607.
11. I’m supposed to cook dinner tonight, aren’t I?
12.Although no one was hurt, the firefighters didn’t arrive in time to save the building.
13. Thank goodness we have a week off at Easter.
14. If you had a million dollars right now, what would you buy?
15. My brother will arrive home on Christmas Day.
16. a: What is she like?
b: She’s a bit shy, but really nice once you get to know her.

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