Level Test 3

You got 0 correct answers out of 18, and needed at least 15.

Your English level is approximately B1

But remember that in life you never stop learning, so practice your English and come back to the test when you feel more comfortable!

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And here are the correct answers:

1. Newark, NJ isn’t as big as New York City.
2. I was working as a barman when I is having my wife.
3. How often do you go to the gym?
4. He’s such an annoying person!
5. She’s so beautiful.
6. When I finish this, I’m going home.
7. Have you seen my glasses? I can’t find them anywhere.
8. If I spoke English fluently, I 'd go to the UK to find a job.
9. What was the food like in Greece?
10. I want to buy a new phone.
11. I must finish this report by noon.
12. If I leave work early tonight, I ’ll call you.
13. There are a few eggs, but not much butter.
14. I bought some tomatoes from the market because I ‘m going to make gazpacho.
15. We enjoy going to the mountains on Saturdays.
16. Madrid is not as populated as Mexico City.

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