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Junior Cert in TEFL for State Qualified Teachers

The ACELS (Advisory Council for English Language Schools) Junior Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a course specifically designed by the Department of Education for primary and secondary school teachers who wish to teach English to teenagers during the Summer months. The course runs for 5 days in the middle of June and successful trainees will be qualified to teach English in Junior Summer Camps in Ireland.

Eligible Applicants

  • Applicants must be state qualified teachers - Secondary & Primary
  • Non-native teachers must have a CEFR (Common Eurpoean Framework of Reference for Languages) level of C1 or C2 of English

Course requirements

  • 100% attendance at seminars – 30 hours in total
  • Complete three assignments
  • Complete the assessed teaching practice component following the course in the junior summer centre

Core Syllabus

  • Developing the 4 skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing
  • Language analysis: aspects of grammar, vocabulary and phonology
  • Presentation and practice of language at a range of levels
  • Language presentation frameworks
  • Lesson planning
  • Evaluation of teaching materials, published and authentic
  • Supplementary materials
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Checking meaning
  • Teaching functional English
  • Learner styles
  • Visual aids and board work
  • Error correction
  • Task-Based Learning
  • Using the video/dvd in the classroom
  • Learner training
  • Songs and games in the classroom

Course duration - 4 days (30 hours)

Course dates 2017: 18th - 21st April, 26th - 29th June

Course timetable:  09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday

Course fees:  €355

Course materials: €50