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CELTA Online

Live online option

As a direct consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, the world seems also to be experiencing something of a revolution in online tuition. The Live online CELTA option not only gives you practical teaching skills that can be used in any context, but also gives you key skills using online platforms and tools for online delivery which will become more and more in demand in the future.


How it works

Course input

The course involves both online sessions that you can take at your own pace with tutor input and guidance and live zoom sessions where all candidates participate at the same time and which are led by one of your course tutors.

Assisted lesson planning

Assisted lesson planning takes place live, and candidates teaching the next day have a 15- minute consultation with their teaching practice tutor.

Teaching practice

Teaching practice takes place with real English language students online using zoom. The lesson is observed by the teaching practice tutor and other course participants.

Feedback on teaching practice

After TP every day, there is a short break, followed by a feedback session in which the tutor and CELTA course participants discuss the lesson, its strengths and areas to work on (again on zoom) 


CELTA course participants are required to complete 6 hours of observation of experienced teachers. Some of your observation will be with your CELTA course tutors and some will be online observations on the Cambridge platform.


Candidates are required to complete 4 assignments as part of the course and these will take place in the same way: trainers will set the assignment up with trainees in a live lesson and set a submission date for the assignment.


Pre- Course task

All successful applicants will receive a copy of the pre-course task on payment of the deposit.  The pre-course task is intended to help familiarise you with aspects of language, terminology and methodologies that you will be working with on the course,  In addition to this you will be required to complete some additional online tutorials to help you become familiar with the online learning platforms that you will be working with on the course.


Technical requirements

In order for trainees to be able to participate in/ teach a live online lesson, they will need the following:


1) A good internet connection

2) A quiet room to participate in input sessions and teach/observe practice lessons every day

3) A Laptop with a webcam and microphone


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