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Family Programme


International House Dublin has created an English language programme for the whole family. The programme for parents, children and teenagers takes place at Sutton Park School. The school is located on the beautiful Howth peninsula, just 12kms north of Dublin city centre. Sutton Park School, located right beside the sea, has the perfect setting & facilities for a family programme. Facilities include: a playground, maze, private garden, tennis courts & all-weather sports pitches, all of which are within the school grounds. We are delighted to offer this new programme to families who wish to combine an English language programme with a wonderful summer holiday to Ireland! 

Programme Dates 2017: 3rd - 28th July
  • Children’s Programme: 3-8
  • Junior Programme: 9-16
  • Parents' Programme: 20+

Location: Sutton Park School, Dublin
Accomodation: Homestay or self-arranged hotel/apartment accommodation.
Start Dates: 3rd July, 10th July, 17th July, 24th July (minimum 1 week)
Arrival/Departure Days: Saturday/Sunday

Accommodation Options

Families can choose to stay with a homestay in the Sutton area, where they will be provided with breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be served at the school during the day. The family can also choose to arrange their own accommodation in a nearby hotel/apartment. We recommend the Marine Hotel Sutton, located on the sea front in Sutton Village. Private transport will be arranged daily, from the Marine Hotel to the Sutton Park campus (15 minutes walk). Hotel accommodation is subject to availability. Please contact us for a hotel quotation.


Package Options

Families can choose tuition only (morning classes) or tuition + afternoon children activities, leaving free time for the parents in the afternoons. There is also the option for a full day excursion on Saturdays for the whole family.


Package - Tuition + activities (Children)



Per child aged 3-8, per week


Per child aged 9-16, per week



15 hours English Language Tuition per week


Afternoons                                        Children aged 3-8                  Activities 14:30 - 16:00
  Children aged 9+

Activities 14:30 - 16:00

+2 evening activities per week

  Parents Free time
Saturdays Full-day excursion for parents and children


Tuition only - 15 hours per week  

Per child aged 3-8, per week


Per child aged 9-16, per week


Per parent/adult per week


Optional hot lunch in school canteen 

(Monday - Friday)

Children aged 3-8: €25 per week

Children aged 9+ & Adults: €45 per person per week                                                               

Optional Airport Transfers

2 people: €110 each way

3 people: €150 each way

4 people: €185 each way

Optional home stay accommodation

Half board

Children aged 3-8, in a shared room with family members: €205 each per week

Children aged 9+, in a shrared room with family members: €225 each per week

Parents in a double room: €225 each per week