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Junior Courses

We offer a wide range of options for Junior students who want to come to Ireland to improve their English, meet like-minded young people and have fun!

Our Junior and Young Adult Programmes are engaging, challenging and enjoyable, with a focus on communication skills. The content includes authentic materials. Excursion lessons. Project work, CLIL content, relevant language input, learner portfolios and self – assessment. The programmes are packed with English language tuition in the mornings and an exciting variety of activities and excursions in the afternoons. The afternoon programme is designed to ensure all students take part, have fun, but most of all. Improve their English and make friends for life!

Students can choose to stay with a host family or in modern on campus accommodation in both our Dublin and Cork centres. 

During the school year, we welcome groups of students to our Dublin city centre school for mini-stay programmes. We are delighted to offer a tailor made social programme for all groups!