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Private Day and Boarding Schools

Attending a private day or boarding school in Ireland

Private Day School Programme 

International House Dublin has the pleasure of collaborating with the top private schools in Ireland. The day programme is offered as a package which includes host family accommodation & guardianship. This option is open to all students aged from 12 – 18. Students attend day school and live with a host family. This option is ideal for students who prefer to live with an Irish family as opposed to boarding. The overall cost is lower than full boarding.


Private Boarding Programme (Full Academic Year only)

Boarding is a great option for students. The benefits are that students become an integrated part of the school community and the settling-in process tends to be faster than students who choose to stay with a host family. We arrange host family accommodation for exit weekends (charged extra) & half-term breaks (included). Boarding schools offer smaller class sizes, supervised homework and an extensive choice of organised sports and extra-curricular activities. This option is open to all students aged from 11-18. Prepschool is available to students aged 11-13 and allows students to begin studying in Ireland from the last year of primary education onwards.


The Private School Programmes Include:

 - Registration

 - School placement

 - Full guardianship

 - Host family accommodation for day student for length of programme, including two half-terms (October and February). Christmas & Easter holidays not included

 - Boarding accommodation for the length of programme, host family accommodation for two half-terms (October and February). Christmas & Easter holidays not included


Package Fees Price range
Private Day Schools from €17770 to €24409
Private Boarding School  from €17080 to €29530
Full International House Guardianship Service Includes: 

• 2 airport transfers
• Welcome pack & orientation meeting with guardian
• Arrangement of additional transport including transport to and from school as required (cost charged to contingency fund)
• Host family (HF) placement
• Regular inspection of host families
• Regular contact with student, HF & school
• Monitoring of the student’s well-being and academic progress
• Attendance at parent/teacher meetings
• Advice & assistance with academic studies
• Regular written reports to agent/parent
• Immediate contact & assistance in the event of any significant incident
• Control of payments made from contingency fund
• Validation documents for return to education in home country
• 24/7 emergency assistance
• Assistance with visa & registration with GNIB (Garda Naturalization and Immigration Bureau)

Contingency fund

One term - €800 (Refundable if unused)

Academic Year - €1500 (Refundable if unused)

All students who attend the high school programme must have a Contingency Fund left with IH Dublin to cover the below costs 

The below fees are not included in fees, and are taken from the Contingency Fund

• Personal/medical & travel insurance
• Transfers during the programme (apart from arrival/departure)
• Flights to/from Ireland
• Local transport costs, such as to and from school
• Extra individual tuition (hourly rate depends on the teacher)
• Extras for sports/school excursions
• Sports uniform and equipment as per school requirements
• Christmas and Easter holiday accommodation
• School uniform
• School text books, copy books and subject-specific materials (e.g. art supplies, maths instruments)

If parents and students wish to visit schools in advance of their course, we can arrange this for a fee of €250.  This fee is deductible from course fees when a booking is made.

Non-refundable deposit upon acceptance of your place €2000 (Private day), €5000 (Private Boarding)

Remaining balance due 4 weeks before arrival.


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