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Our High School Programme

We have over 21 years' experience in offering our High School Programme and take pride in placing students in top public and private schools around Ireland. We organise and supervise students’ High School Programme from start to finish, taking care to place students in the best school for them. As a founding member of the AGPI, The Association of Guardianship Providers in Ireland, we provide the highest standards of guardianship for all our High School Programme students. We support, and ensure the safety and security of our High School Programme students.

Parents are kept informed of their child’s academic progress and general welfare at all times. They can be confident that their child will receive the best possible care and attention. Reports are sent regularly throughout the year. As well as receiving regular visits, the student can contact his or her guardian at any time and for any reason. All students and their parents have a 24-hour contact number for their guardian. 

An academic semester, or year in Ireland, provides students with an invaluable opportunity for personal development, increasing cultural knowledge and gaining confidence in the English language. The High School Programme is open to all students aged 12 - 18 years and is available in a wide variety of both private and state schools, throughout the country. The Irish educational system offers an excellent range of academic subjects in science, technology and the arts. 

Need to know

  • Age: 12 -18 
  • Level: Intermediate (B1)
  • Requirements:  2 years of academic reports and reference from home school principal.

Public / State schools (EU students only)

International House Dublin works in partnership with over 50 state schools all over Ireland. Our partner schools have been carefully selected based on their record of academic achievement, enthusiasm for accepting international students and understanding of the High School Programme. The schools we work with feel that they too benefit from the cultural exchange. We take great care to regulate the number of students in any one school, to ensure maximum integration. Schools are normally located in smaller communities outside of the bigger cities. Students live with a local host family, within easy access of the school and are encouraged to become fully involved in the social life of the school and local community. 

Private Day and Boarding schools

We have the pleasure of collaborating with the top private schools in Ireland. 

Private Day School Programme 

The day programme is offered as a package, including host family accommodation and full guardianship. This option is open to all students aged from 12 - 18. Students attend day school and live with a host family.

Private Boarding Programme 

Boarding is a great option for students. Students become an integrated part of the school community and the settling in process happens quickly. Boarding schools offer smaller class sizes, supervised homework and an extensive choice of organised sports and extra-curricular activities. This option is open to all students aged from 11 - 18.

Prep school is also available to students aged 11 - 13 and allows students to begin studying in Ireland, from the last year of
primary education on wards.


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