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High School Programme FAQs

Students have the security of 24/7 emergency support. It is part of our guardianship service which is dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of our students from the moment they arrive in Ireland.

We understand the anxiety parents feel when their children are far away from home, so we maintain regular contact with all our students, their schools and families.

We have a monthly visit with each individual student in line with AGPI guidelines,  and based on this visit we issue a detailed report. We have a Whatsapp group with all the High Schoolers where they can ask questions and express any concerns they many have.

Junior Cycle: The Junior Cycle is a 3 year course, for students aged from 12 to 15 years.  At the end of the 3rd year, students sit their first state exam, the Junior Certificate. 

Senior Cycle: The Senior Cycle is made up of two parts, 4th Year (AKA Transition Year) and 5th & 6th Year.  

4th year /  Transition Year This year is less academic than other school years, in an effort to aid students in transitioning from Junior to Senior Cycle.  In this year students might sample up to 12 subjects over the course of three terms divided in modules.

5th and 6th Year The Leaving Certificate course, spread over the final two years in secondary school, when the students are generally 16 to 18 and where they work towards the final set of state exams which determine university entrance. 

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4th year is an excellent year for international students to undertake the High School Programme, as it offers fantastic opportunities for developing their English in tandem with exploring their talents for different abilities such as drama, music and sport without the pressure of state exams.  

Additional Expenses that may incur:

  • School uniform (cost can vary between schools and form)
  • School books (cost can vary between schools and form)
  • Schools excursions (it varies depending on the programme)
  • Host family accommodation (outside programme dates)
  • Extra transport costs other than arrival and departure (€80 each way) 
  • Visa extension fees
  • Extracurricular subjects/activities/excursions
  • Validation process if required

How to pay for them:
A contingency fund (CF) is required for ALL PUPILS participating in the High School Programme. This money is held in trust to provide for items not included in the school or programme fees.

The amount varies depending on the type of school and the length of the programme:

  • Academic year day student  €1200
  • Academic year boarder: €1500
  • One term: € 700
  • Two terms: €1000

Details of expenditure are submitted each month along with the student's report. If funds become low, a request for a supplement will be sent. No major payments will be made without parental permission.

Under no circumstances may the fund be overdrawn. If the fund gets too low, you will receive a request to bring the fund back up to its full amount if necessary, depending how far are we into the academic year.

No. It is the responsibility of parents to control pocket money. Parents are advised to supply their child with a debit card into which they can deposit funds on a weekly or monthly basis. We do not hand cash to students under any circumstances.

The contingency fund will be refunded after the student has left. We aim to do this within two weeks of departure to the account provided by the agent/parents.

The name of the account holder, IBAN and BIC will need to be provided to International House Dublin for the refund to be processed.

Schools issue their subject choices at the end of April. We will send these choices to the agents/parents for the students to pick the desired subjects.  However, it is important students know and understand that the system doesn’t necessarily work in the same way as their system at home or might not have all the subjects he/she wishes for.

Once the student picked his/her subjects , we will submit the selection to the school and wait for the school to grant the place. At this point, it is necessary students should be aware that Irish students have priority over international students in subject choice.

No. Our officer manager together with the High School Programme manager select the host family 4 weeks prior to arrival  and they work hard to find the best placement for each student.  Our families have been with International House for years and we are experienced in matching students and families. If a student has a particular request (kids same age, traditional family, no pets etc) we will do our best to accommodate such requests, but we cannot guarantee it.

The deposits for High School Programmes are as follows:

€2000 for day state school or day private school
€5000 for Boarding private school

Deposits are not refundable but are deducted from the fees.

Students who require a visa must pay their full fees in advance for International House Dublin to issue the necessary documentation.  

Students who do not require a visa must pay in full 4 weeks before the student arrives into the country.

Meet-and-greet is part of our guardianship service.

Once you have provided us with flight details, we will issue a transfer confirmation letter. On arrival your student will be met and greeted by the International House Dublin Transport Officer . He will be at arrivals at the appropriate terminal waiting for your student holding a sign with his name.  Details of officer's ID can be provided prior to arrival.

We try to place the students as close as possible to the school. They can be either within walking distance or a short bus ride away (maximum 30 minutes).
Students that need a bus can travel by Dublin Bus for a reasonable fare. We advise them on their best rate on arrival.

Yes, they can. International House Dublin organises a FREE orientation week, the week prior to the start of school. The academic year 2017/2018 orientation week will start Monday the 28th of September and runs for the next 5 days. We recommend that students take part in this week to meet other High School Programme students.  Students may arrive the 26th or 27th of August if they wish to avail of this week.   

  • The orientation week is a great opportunity for students to get a head start. We have an orientation talk where they will be given all the relevant information about school life, family living and general academic information as well as what to do in case of an emergency and all emergency contacts that they must have with them from that day
  • We provide the students with information about the transport system, where and how to get their travel cards, where to get Irish SIM cards for their phones 
  • We assist the students in the buying of their school books during this week as well as their uniform with the cooperation of their host families
  • We organise a programme of social activities for them and give them the opportunity to get familiar with the city and their surroundings. This will boost their confidence and make them aware of their surroundings
  • We also give them some English classes based on their social programme and their upcoming academic experience. These classes are fun!
  • Most importantly, this week gives them the opportunity to connect with their peers - dozens of other students who are themselves on the same adventure.  Some students will be attending the same schools so they will not be alone on their first day

We place these students in host family accommodation in Dublin for that week.  When the orientation week is completed, we will transfer them to their new home in Ireland to spend a couple of days with their families before school starts.

Yes. Before arrival, each student will get a confirmation of their host family. This will be accompanied by a list of rules and tips for their stay. Here they’ll find the time at which they are expected to be home.
Families may have their own rules and students are expected to abide by them within reason.

No. High School Programme students have individual room in their homes in Ireland. In most cases they will share the bathroom with other family members.

Accommodation is full board for high school students, Monday to Sunday. During school days families shall provide the student with a packed lunch every day.

We do not discriminate against any student based on medical condition. To guarantee 100% satisfactory care and support, we will let you now in advance. 

We do cater for students with allergies and dietary conditions.  We need to know in advance so that we can find the appropriate family as well as advise the school.  An extra weekly fee of €50 per student with any dietary requirement is charged. 

Each case would be looked at individually and we would make a decision based on the circumstances.  Please see our terms and conditions for High School Students before committing to the programme. 


Yes, we organise a full day trip every month. This trip is optional although highly recommended as it gives the student the opportunity to see other parts of the country.  The cost may vary depending on the activity and will be deducted from their contingency fund, previously communicated to families and agents.