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Guardianship and AGPI

One of the most important aspects of the High School Programme is guardianship. International House Dublin is a founding members of the AGPI, the Association of Guardianship Providers in Ireland, which offers a fully comprehensive guardianship service for international students studying in Ireland on the High School Programme.

Parents are kept informed of their child's academic progress and general welfare at all times and can be confident that their child will receive the best possible care and attention. Reports are sent regularly throughout the year.

As well as receiving regular visits from International House Dublin staff, the student can contact his or her guardian at any time and for any reason. All students have 24-hour contact numbers for their guardian and parents are also encouraged to contact us at any time.

We have long-standing and close relationships with the schools with whom we work and they know they can depend on us to provide a first class guardianship service to the students that we have placed with them. As part of that service we carefully monitor academic progress and act as a liaison between the family and the school and teachers.

Full IH Guardianship Service Includes: 

• 2 airport transfers
• Welcome pack & orientation meeting with mentor
• Arrangement of additional transport including transport to and from school as required (cost charged to contingency fund)
• Host family (HF) placement
• Regular inspection of host families
• Regular contact with student, HF & school
• Monitoring of the student’s well-being and academic progress
• Attendance at parent/teacher meetings
• Advice & assistance with academic studies
• Regular written reports to agent/parent
• Immediate contact & assistance in the event of any significant incident
• Control of payments made from contingency fund
• Validation documents for return to education in home country
• 24/7 emergency assistance
• Assistance with visa & registration with GNIB (Garda Naturalization and Immigration Bureau)