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English and Internship

The English and Internship Programme combines an English language course, followed by an unpaid placement in a company in Dublin. The internship programme allows students to gain practical work experience and improve their English language fluency in a professional, English-speaking work environment.  Students can choose from our General English Course or Business English Course for a minimum of 4 weeks.  The types of roles available are in the hospitality and professional sectors.  Internship placement fee is €450

Hospitality Internship

Students are placed in the following catering businesses:
•Restaurants and Bars

The positions are usually floor staff or sales/shop assistants.
The companies we collaborate with are flexible in terms of work shifts (part-time is accepted.)
Internships must be a minimum of 2 weeks.
International House Dublin needs 3-5 weeks’ notice to arrange an internship in hospitality.


Professional Internship

Students are placed in the following professional sectors:
•Sales & Marketing
•Customer Service
•Human Resources

Professional internships require full availability for a minimum of 8 weeks.
International House Dublin needs 5-7 weeks’ notice to arrange a professional internship.


Course Description

  • Course length: Minimum 4 weeks, no maximum
  • Course type: General English Courses or Business English Course
  • Internship duration: Minimum: 4 weeks, maximum 6 months
  • Course Start dates: Every Monday
  • Minimum English level: Upper intermediate at the end of the English course



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