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Over the past few months Ireland has experienced an increase in Covid-19 cases. At the beginning of the year, the Irish Government decided that Ireland will be placed at level 5 of the plan “Living with Covid”.


We have been endeavoring to do our best for our current students and for our partners. During the building closure, we will be providing online tuition for all levels. We are excited to return to our face-to-face classes once the Government deem it safe to. We are in direct contact with all our students who are currently in Dublin, and are working closely with our team and partners to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience in these extraordinary circumstances we all face. 

Since our initial school building re-opening on 27th July and recent re-opening on 7th December, International House Dublin has rolled out a full re-opening plan and policies and procedure strategy on how we will move forward in a safe and healthy environment for both our student and staff members.

Some important information when attending face-to-face classes

• Only bring essential personal items to school

• Bring your own water to school

• Arrive a maximum of 10 minutes before your lesson

• Put a mask on before entering the building

• Sanitise your hands when you enter the building

• There is a sanitiser station on each floor and in each classroom 

• Please sanitise your hands before you enter your classroom

• Please be careful with hand hygiene, cough etiquette and physical distance in class and at breaktimes

When moving around the building:

Please use our one way system

Class Room Organization:
Each classroom has a seating plan, your teacher will tell you what chair to use at the beginning of the week You must sit in the same chair every day and your chairs arranged so you are not facing other students.

Class and Building Cleaning:
• Please clean your desk in your classroom before and after use

• A cleaner will be in the building from 11.00 every day

• Your classroom will be fully cleaned after use every day

• Your room will not be available after class time

Please see document below for full International House Dublin Covid19 Strategy plan and Procedures.

Covid officer / student services team

The role of the Covid officer:

• To check that the school has correct procedures

• To give advice to staff and students who think they have Covid 19

• To follow correct procedures so that other staff members/students are informed


If you need to contact our Covid Officer, please email

Please see below link from the Department of Foreign Affairs  which contains detailed information on the latest travel advice:


We want to thank everyone for their patience and support at this time.

If you are a student with queries, please contact 

If you are a partner/agent with queries, please contact